Thursday, 7 February 2013

Stick It In A Bowl

So, my little girl has a goldfish, which lives in a goldfish bowl.

The bowl was empty and the goldfish (Terry) needed furniture. We looked through the usual decor, the bridge, the treasure chest, even a diver but none of them caught her attention.

Ine thing that did catch her attention was In The Night Garden. Too much! It caught her attention to the point of driving her parents mad. Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and all the other weird and wonderful characters seemed to fill her developing mind.

So sprung an idea, or a ghost of an idea, why not put a ITNG feature in a fishbowl?

So I did, and my daughter loved it, and Terry loved it, so much so terry would brush past it and often knock it over. If he was going to live in his Makkapakka paradise we needed some adhesive!

I remember watching a program on the Discovery channel or some other such network on Deep Sea Divers fixing coral reefs with Super Glue, seemed to make sense!

Before I made any permenant changes to Terry's abode I decided to go a quick google, just to check all those chemicals wouldnt effect his sensitive gills. Turns out there is split opinion of the merits of Super Glue and goldfish bowls but there is something out there, Epoxy Resin, which is used in the industry and totally safe. Armed with this knowledge and a couple of tubes of this gear I set about securing Upsy Daisy and MakkaPakka into position.

And thats it, a custom fishbowl was born! Ok, maybe it wasnt as easy as that, I had to find a suitable bowl, find a plynth for the figures, steam and scrub the feature, patiently glue it all together and test it out.

I love it, my daughter loves it, and most importantly Terry loves it.

It got me thinking, I wonder if anyone else wants one, what weird and wonderful themes would people come up with if I was to offer a bespoke fishbowl creating service.

Anything goes if you can stick it in a bowl!

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