Friday, 8 February 2013


So, I made a Fishbowl for my daughter, and it got me thinking what other themes might people appreciate???

The only person currently in the house who's answer wouldn't be In The Night Garden is me, so thinking cap is well and truly on.

What do I like? Beer, football, wasabi nuts,.......... erm........... thats about it, how depressing!

Adulthood has got its claws in deep, its removed my creative flair, not sure any of those interests lend themselves well to a custom fishbowl.

So what did I used to like? Tizer, computer games, party rings . . . . . . .  erm  . . . . . . . . Got It!!!


The treat of a 90's Saturday night sandwiched perfectlybetween Youv'e Been Framed and Blind Date.

They will look great in a fishbowl, and Terry willlove darting between their Lycra Clad legs!

Get your foam hand out and give a big AAAWWWOOOGGGAAAAAA!!!!! for the first couple of Gladiator Custom Fishbowls

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